Collection: Figurines in color

Bring your spaces to life with the art of color
Discover our exclusive collection of figurines, animated by the craftsmanship of our artists. Each piece in our assortment can be brought to life in color, transforming it into a unique work of art. This is not just a purchase—it's an investment in handwork and creative thought.

A personalized approach to every order. Your choice is our commitment. We transform classic silhouettes into vibrant colored stories, adding from $200 to $499 to the cost of the piece. Time is our ally in the pursuit of perfection: one to one-and-a-half months allows the artist to give your figurine all the necessary attention.

Plan ahead—create a celebration. We invite you to join in the creation process: choose a figurine and we will tell its story with colors. Give yourself or your loved ones not just a piece of decor, but a piece of our artists' souls.

Place your orders in advance to ensure that your unique, handcrafted piece arrives in time for holidays or special events. Embrace the anticipation of owning a truly personalized work of art that will be cherished for years to come.